TOMIO  NITTO

My best conversations have always been with my good friend Tomio Nitto. Tomio is a Japanese illustrator and artist. He lives in down Toronto and is surrounded and has been surrounded by new office towers and condominiums over a period of five years. Sunshine is hard to come by for living spaces.. We never talk to one another that much because Toronto has become very much as NY. With the blight of condos one has to wonder what we often wish for happens. Along the way to an age  status, we often wanted to express or evaluate the goings on and put our lifestyles  is not easy to define with insulting someone. 

 I will describe TomIo simply saying that his many friends look up to him. He is someone is respected in our community and is often Illustrating, often producing books for many of his like-minded clients. The subjects are varied and always about his unique way off seeing nature or design.  Spirituality and education values  are  guidelines that impress others.

Fawning over an artist just something he may disagree with. Bye now you might guess a simple lifestyle and dedication to art suits the way he likes to live. I presume that life is a gentle meditation as I watch Tomio in awe.


 Like all off us, Tomio has opinions and usually he keeps those to himself.  He describes his exposure to the current generation as something, that makes him want to retreat to the state off a caccoon. . He is a wise man who others can learn from by his example.. May 4th he will open a show that is coming to Index- G gallery, as he has completed 52 new drawings of an assortment of cameras .  

 The generation coming can never see the values of wisdom and choose to see him as an age. The truth suggests they would not really be able to keep up with him.  His output is remarkable as he maintains a hopeful and positive demeanor. Tomio bicycles to and from the  Ashbridges Bay spit in Toronto and sits by the waters edge to share the nature around him listening to birds and watching the nature around him unfold. He is a proud artist whose important example of helps others. Tomio does not use a computer as opposed to a generation born on the net and sees the bad influence of those who play games that sew concepts of violence. Nitto points out that the way the world makes him want to caccoon.   Government’s, do not keep up with promises and our often arrogant in their presentations.  Tomio says ” Its better to withdraw and cocoon to save energy and contemplate, as he is his own person and happy to be doing it. “He is a gentle giant.

Jim Allen Publisher

Author/ Designer/ Photographer

April 23, 2013





The Worlds Last Straw

April 12,2013

It’s Going On or it isn’t :

As I consider myself a humble servant of the news media before and after 911, here I am sorting out the many items I pay close attn to and to be frank: the whole thing since Mr.Bush stood on the aircraft carrier telling us the United States won the war in Iraq  had set the globe in motion stumbling, falling, crashing, testing, and researching how we will all survive. I know many off my friends who are mostly independent thinkers are still working the process that  has been almost ten years of pushing and tweaking their individual responsibilities. The whole thing has given the speakers platform a lift and everyone has the proper advice to help you over the hurdles. While this is happening The Banking crisis in Cypress scared the hell out off the global philosophers. The simple Question we are all asking is ” How are we ever going to get out of this one?” Usually when faced with problems I simply make a list and start over The last straw is a culmination of events we are now dealing with including something I heard this morning about a digital currency in order to punch the lights out of the banking fraternity off greed .The beauty off this idea is that there would be no rules. Great idea as suckers are everywhere who will consider such a deal. They will even have ATM machines to make the accumulation of the new currency into a commodity that only con men survive.

Without hashing over too much here is a list off what we all have been facing for so long its a wonder we all are still standing. I personally will continue to stand as I want to be there when the end game makes itself clear. As you review the list you may say I have no part off making policies and who cares. Every day as thing change one day you might make the difference that can impact a restless world looking for the answers.

The Planet:  If this was a report card, certainly our prime Minister has shown how feeble his attitude is towards emissions and global warming. Canada has given the impression that it could care less and will not spend money to elevate the respect we have lost during his watch.  How can any  business contribute to when the ordinary citizen is muzzled?

Debt : Did you know that the CSIS purchased 100 BMW motor Cycles, 100 pair of new high cavalry boots, and because agents need to always dress to fit the job, we have 100 new full length Leather coats (blk. ) These are purchases that our prime minister considered in order that Canada’s visibility will to be more sharp and snappy looking as a military machine should look. Hence we will also have new jets and they will be the ones he wants.

The United States has created an economic stir recently as it is reported the they are on the path to economic recovery. However the debt is 17 Trillion dollars at this writing

Political views:  Do I need to be political ? No, not  always, but we all need to know whats happening as it all effects us personally. We need to be more positive and risk oriented. Slow and slower has been our biggest problem. Investment would increase in Canada if we took a more positive outlook for new projects.

Risk and invention: Traditionally Canada is known to be risk adverse. This is the basic reason for decisions to be slowed at the level off corporate industry. Now with the middle class almost erased, decisions are even more difficult to arrive at. Where does a student go after graduation? Two areas of excellence are the tech sector but even more interesting is our science and medical research areas primarily centered in Toronto.

Casinos: The casino debate will go on for longer simply because Toronto will hack over every inch and the investors will run away before the first nail is driven into the ground . Dealing with the Mayors office and council is a nightmare for those who have the best skills to take a chance. Also I would add that if there is not a better political format there will never be a winner selected for the Mayors office. No one would want the job.

Airports: Porter is the risk taker and the battle to take the Billy Bishop Airport for themselves will go on or we might consider that the fix is in. Those opposed Adam Vaughn Councillor, and former Mayor Mr. Miller.

Women: Women will be at the forefront off a recovery in both the United States and Canada.No need to shout out girls the word feminist is not the issue. Women just seem to do things better and men enjoy a battle that often sabotages progress. A women will fire the first shot across the bow.

Roads and infrastructure: After eight to ten years Toronto still does not have a leg up on infrastructure. This summer will see the renovation off our cities potholes and sidewalk bumps that can kill an ordinary raccoons whole family in one step.

Global Economies: This is perhaps the biggest problem as every day we are exposed to bank failures and missteps. We have been fortunate to escape the turmoil off say a country like Greece.. The architects off this global concept may have overlooked simple trade arrangements and a reliance on business principles that were in place well before this latest recession. Global make it possible for major super rich companies to take on the world. It is possible that we may see a return to a simple business model that extends the possibilities of practical monetary considerations. I like to rethink as nothing seems to be holding as we have  become the Cell phone Society and often the phone does not ring in many sectors that have been blindsided our natural ideas off business risk.

Religion: In PR we all know that it only takes a second to invent oneself with a symbol that people will easily attach themselves to. In this moment we are amazed to watch a Jesuit priest from Argentina, Father Francis, win over the Catholic church. We are all watching with hope and prayers that he will succeed. Everyone needs to take a deep breadth and resolve the issues we all wish would be resolved. The haters in the world have gone too far and the danger off war is quite real.

Education: The cost of education is prohibitive for all kinds of reasons. Its evident that over the past ten years that in the west we might be better off to adopt Chinese model of one child. The direction off education is in need off practical revue in order to fill the order off a job future for anyone over the age off twenty.

Fuels: Oil the fuel off choice is not the one we may be able to use in order to sustain our economies. There are so many alternatives being researched as lithium batteries, carbon, and many other ideas that will be along. In the meantime everyone seems to be wanting to go to the United States to support the size of market they have. I am doubtful that a place with three trillion dollars worth off debt is such a great concept. Think about it. Developing a number off potential markets may be the easiest way to get paid.

Guns and violence: Its hard to predict what the future will bring as the debate can be stalled and  for years before a positive outcome will at least list those who own weapons. Registration may be the ultimate concept that untangles the mess off student and gang violence that we have experienced  in our own city off Toronto. Recessions = poverty +  violence

Suicide: As we note every day you can hear the call for 506 , 506 call headquarters and that is another suicide on our train system. These times are very difficult and in general there are more mental deficits to deal with. The other day I listened to a CBC interview with a women, who had received the bad news about a protracted disease which gave her ten years to live. That’s a long time. However she decided to move on the idea off assisted suicide. She informed her family of her decision to leave for Switzerland and to enjoy a week or so with her offspring and relatives. Then she will go to a clinic where she hoped she will be able to hold the cup with two drinks that will end her life. Reference: Anna Marie Tramonti, CBC, Podcast interview with Mrs. S Griffiths and her daughter. Even though the subject was gloomy; for some reason the women presented a positive attitude and was not at all frightened off the certain outcome of her difficult decision..

Science: I understand how hard our Universities are working to make an effective cure for many disorders and medical problems. The rush to get head off the retiring senior population is the biggest race on our planet. At some point I fear that this generation will run out off gas and simply give up on us.At this writing I am xx years old and nowhere to be found This is the danger seniors will face over say a five to ten year future. In fact it may not be a future.

The Corporate Ladder: I could never see myself working in the corporate world where everyone is intensely afraid to make a decision or they might, God forbid loose their job.

Bullying: A young girl,15, goes to a private home where four young boys rape her using alcohol in the seduction. During the rape she was photographed by one off the boys whii decide to send the photographs out on the net and the photo goes viral. The girl goes to school and is called slut and other profanities. The police do nothing, not even to call the Mother off the young girl. Sadly she commits suicide over the bullying as it became unbearable.. The police now have reopened the case promising to arrest one of the boys who took the photo. Understand we are all human and this story illustrates the abuse that is running rampant. Not one life is worth loosing over teenage antics. If you are a human being place yourself in this girls place and you will easily understand the pain she was in.

Lead By Example: Gordan Nixon was not afraid to apologize for his banks, RBC, major blunder in hiring off shore help for one off his more special projects.

Animal Causes: Beating up dogs to produce meat for your table will become a huge discussion. It happens each day and these dogs our best friends to man.

Is there so much anger in the world that we need to throw a husky up against a cinder block wall. What a thrill this must be and I can see humans punishing the men that do this. Imagine throwing this mans son into the same wall. The idea is anger and we need to face the issue with the intention of diffusion and help.

Government : The question we ask is More or Less, do we need it ? one example is the 10 page questionnaire attached to comments made to the government, about the Keystone. Here is an attempt to discourage any questions and therefore protects the Harper secrecy agenda.One example of government attempts to muzzle public opinion.

XLPipe line:  I cannot speak with impunity about this subject. If however I could trust Mr. Harper I might provide some insight. I would also say if it happens that we all will have to deal with insufferable attitudes of those who are proposing this dirty oil.

Democracy:  Today we see this as Interfering with progress. The Party Line, is it crucial to moving forward? For those that dare speak out off turn in the parliament of Canada have now confronted the issue of being muzzled.

War:  If we leave all off the above and we do not act to fix our world, nature, and especially water, we will engage in acts off war and experience famine as never before. I am not educated to be able to recount the exact history but I understand things intuitively as if I had been born in another lifetime that experienced these same issues.

Jim Allen






This is an edited version of Trickster:

I prefer a lot off power women in this city than men when it comes to getting a tough job done. Some women declare feminist leanings and that leads me to question why shout it out with entrapment. If you need to talk about it, something goes south in the translation. It’s not that we men, do not do a great job, it’s that we do not play the game. While trying to get on my feet, over the past 8 years, I tried new ideas or project’s and as the nature of the trickster is to not allow one to get up of the ground. The idea is for assistants who will throw themselves at you in order to participate in a project. Then on top off that minions will go to great lengths to create lies in order destroy your reputation. During two

meetings to discuss a young girls participation, I did ask for a photo session, but thought twice about the idea as I realized there was a clear lack off substance. It introduced the simple concept of the politico trickster and her many sheep who follow. I did a follow up third meeting with a board member and my outlook was confirmed and we decided to

not go forward with a job offer. It was an unusual meeting and it  gave me more information about Ms. Thomson who is clearly mischief as presented in one photograph of her holding on to the Mayors shoulder with a grin as if she finally has caught her prey with his eyes closed looking like his had two black eyes. Thomson then claims Google research told her he was on cocaine and that maybe he even had diabetes.  Ms. Thomson was overheard saying to something like that this should fix Mr. Ford. Who in heaven would bother taking the time to do such a thing.

I was not alone in my assessment; as Barbara Amiel in one off her  recent editorials described Ms. Thomsons advances to Conrad Black, her husband,  in return for business support for Ms  Thomsons Womens Daily Magazine.

 At the slightest sign of trouble now, I run like a deer for the exits. One of the Thomson assistants planted a false story about me reading porn in a local eatery. It’s under investigation. There is no way I would do something that stupid and all the coffee shop needed to do was ask to see my computer.

Sara T. leads the band when it comes to the constant battering of Mr. Ford, who is doing a fair job off running the cities financials. Its almost like being a camp counselor. You do not have to like him.  I think if he turns down the Casino, he might show confidence in himself and the work he has done to date, however.I think he will push it. As news of Olivia Chow spilled onto the newsprint. low and behold Ms. Thomson invents the “He pinched my bottom theme, which I am sorry does not cut it ever.

 I am totally for power women who like say Wenda Yenson, Helga Stephonson, Bonnie Brooks, Linda Prince, Heather Reisman and Karen Stinz there are many leaders who never refer to feminist concepts. They are like men and do not have to crow, as they just know.  One suggestion might be to stay home as in this case it’s a side that fits. Ms Thomson has a beautiful family. There are two wonderful great kids, and a fabulously intelligent husband. I am not sure but it may be frustrating enough to make one get out off the house and compete. However does competing mean, showing total disrespect for the Mayor and what in the hell does it have to do with his weight etc. Now not getting anywhere creates a panic: “Oh gosh what can we do about that one.”

Well we will invent a little story that’s timing will open the door for one more chance at the chair. I can even plant a photo of  him while he is sleeping. I just do not think this will fly.  I feel this fails as it’s time for people to entertain the concept off  maturity, leaders and legislator’s who do not have to play dirty tricks to survive. The essence off not understanding, sabotage before she will be exposed as a control freak seems lost on Ms.Thomson. I know myself whenever I have been too aggressive in this city I was taken as a trouble maker. Yes, I speak out on issues and usually the take is strait from my heart. It’s taken me until this blog to come out and say what the hell are you doing to get our attn? The whole thing is just too much to believe. It’s dirty politics at best. I seem to remember a New Years Resolution printed somewhere in her own newspapers, that declared she would not insult the Mayor this year.  Has anyone measured the dreads lately, as when there is a lie does the hair grow like Pinocchio’s nose? Do you not have better things on you’re pallet, as no one believes the wildest

immagination and her machinations.

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A short note of thanks goes to two outstanding people who are working to make the TTC a working part off our cities culture. In fact we can look to the future knowing that we will finally have a transit system that will be a shining example how to bring home transit for an international city as we will have completed within the near future. Andy Byford reminds me off earlier teams that I bonded with when working in the corporate system. From where I sit he became the perfect fit for our  TTC as he understand the meaning of service for the commuter. You know the suture off this major project is in the best capable hands.I am sure he is a good man with focus beyond the requirement.

I  traveled during the holiday on both down downtown lines and felt that the service was exclusive. There were a lot off new signs throughout each station pointing towards safety and more than that helpful cards that could be accessed for those who may be considering suicide. I have to say I was impressed as one can feel the coordination going on within the TTC admin.


Karen Stinz can keep the job and not run for Mayor. I think finish what you started will win her kudos for weaving her way through the politics always associated with this major transit example of how to do it right. Ms. Stinz understands how to deftly handle the media by not talking with them unless absolutely necessary and that makes  her a winner or even a transit celeb. Ms. Stinz is a leader and demands respect, and I believe she should stay until the work is completed. .

I need to say that the leader off communications, Carla Basso, could learn some manners by being polite and showing up at prearranged meetings for new project submissions. Not only that, she sends people who are on her team with no business cards telling me they cannot afford them. This off course has something to do with ther boss earning 114,000 a year. to take her place who could not make decisions and or had the signatures to show interest.  Ms Basso must be friends with Sara Thompson an insider who is on hand to raise funding through the 1 percent solution. Ms. Basso could have easily  saved time by saying we are not interested.

I had a great submission for her as others at City Hall and elsewhere had seen and liked. As a 115 thousand dollar marketing madarin, this is how Ms. Basso decided to escape the meeting. I simply ran for the hills, as I do not like dealing with spoiled brats who pass messages in such a way.  I was angry as I represented others who had given the nod that the project,  was considered good looking,  including the Mayors office and more.  MY project was in fact to honor the TTC upon the retirement off Street Cars fact honor the organization, which was the gist of my project.  I do not have time to w and would have also helped Community art groups in the START Program that is an Urban Planning Department gem. Ms Basso acted with poor judgement, as this item was a small bruise on my side and compared to the terrific job that Mr. Byford and Ms. Stinz have done to make commuter’s happy and safe throughout the holidays.

Jim Allen


Multi Media.



Jim Allen December 27,2012 .





Never take yourself that seriously


           Someone please explain Karma. I find myself writing this sort story in order to show an example some off the things one can experience that can get in the way, while waiting your turn to die.

My career has been my most wonderful gift as it dealt with many aspects of my demons and scars, growing up as a bipolar child. The nature of what I do is healing and cathartic. No need to review the childhood as this article is more about trying to survive other children’s bullying.

My neighborhood has been chasing a rapist and could not have been an easy job for the

police. The number of women accosted sexually was close to 18. The shock was that the perpetrator was fifteen when he was finally apprehended I am a mentor for many younger artists and this story was surprising. I authored a course called “Its Elementary Watson.”  I teach rigid folks to paint and or kids who suffer negative messaging. I am used to getting kicked in the head from younger people who believe they know it all. However this particular kick was more than nasty.

I am now older and never quite understand how kids are brought up to possess hatred and disrespect for many. I am bipolor and have taught myself how to work with the disorder. Each day I need to control my manner and it was not different with this story, just surprising.

I want to first describe my world as a senior retired citizen and artist.Maybe I should say,  the police might want to consider the study of attitudes of poor attitudes and perhaps coffee house cultures that have no respect for anyone. I will try to explain an emotional response from someone to a good deed. A young girl basically got it wrong in a way I had never seen before. All the words that are used most to describe this spoiled personality do not exactly fit. It was okay for her to ascribe me as geeky in a Video done at a police station where in fact she put a complaint. I go out almost each day to take photograph’s, as my career of 45 years was perfect in that I had worked with so many  high-end corporations, top Estate companies, Banks and celebrities and then forward to photo education books and my own fine art photos, paintings and authored a study of plasticity and the brain. The day this happened one off my favorite coffee managers takes me outside and thrashes me because the police have been asking the whole neighborhood question about me that seemed to indicate I follow Asians and  this girl  was White while turning down my invite for a photo and I moved on. It does take time to be over someone you loved and you take care not to confuse issues. And that includes making sure no one  feels you are hitting on them. This particular girl would not know the difference and everything to her is a drama. The story I will relate is actually quite sad. I supposed the designer in this story was talented as she was wearing a coat she had designed. I struck me as something she did that was special. I have good friends that are in the manufacturing business, and after I saw her again wearing a jacket that was really great, I addressed her and eventually gave her a card from someone’s business who would really appreciate special talent like hers. I send them people often. She was so small I wondered how she might design patterns or grade  over a complete size range. So I do what I do, I handed off  the card. The company was about design corporation. They make the most beautiful fully fashioned clothing and hire interns with the kind of talent this girl had shown. In a tight job market the offer was not reason to doubt.

Friday morning  I was going downtown to the Future shop to purchase some  sound additions for my new piano. I came up an escalator to the door that leads to the street. The same girl walked through the same doors and I being gregarious thought nothing off saying hello, which was not returned. This was enough for her to go to the police and file a complaint against me by video.

This was clearly a coincidence. I hang out at two or three coffee shops where I spend money in order to use wi-fi and there are groups that take positions that are rumor only.After her confessional if one can call it that, the police run around asking questions about me and to be fair, doing my reputation some harm over rumor. It was a very bad piece of news and I simply listened in shock. The conversation began to tobreakdown and to be honest I did not get any details of what she had implied. I think that the police and myself listened quietly despite either of us not liking the subject. I believe they were put on a spot. I certainly did not like what I was hearing at all. It was this little girls view off me and she was offended with the card, and my comment about her size. She was shy but not shy enough to take out whatever she was feeling on me.  This is why hatred and parental teaching fails terribly. This girl completely misread an honest approach telling her that I liked her design coat.

The group or generation that will face growing up and tending to the worlds flock have to learn intuition as separated from overly extended narcissism. I came to the conclusion that being a senior can be misconstrued at the same thing, which we call profiling. So it’s a reverse sort of supposition. At best it sucks, if your black or if your white, young or old. Put into the hands of a hysterical narcissist, it reverberates and become very destructive. The sadness for me goes right to the girls special talents. I understand that and wow it’s awful to see how destructive a young person can be to themselves. I assume, not judge,  that she may have suffered a lot off negative messaging. Who better to know than myself, coming from a home where I was insulted ever day..

This story says we are looking at someone person who feels the importance being a designer. It becomes hard to be nice to someone like this girl who in fact is arrogant holier than thou twit,and just the same she has been somewhere  and became bruised. So I faced a phone call from the police and tried to insure that possibly they take a look at the complaint differently.

She is entitled to have her complaint and will never learn a thing why until many years from now. The police were totally fine with my explanation and were very fair as they did listen . I am still struggling with the aftermath off the rumors one of the coffee places I go to. Some people in there are pretty nasty and I have tried to place where it came from. The story was stretched beyond the incident I related and seemed like a set up. Entitlement may be a word to apply but I believe its goes further towards bad parenting that would make a person so self-righteous. The following her to school lie drove me nuts. I went to Future Shop and as that’s two blocks to Ryerson we walked through the same door. No apology for her error nothing.

I visited my My eye Doctor, someone I have known for years told me that young kids hate anyone old than forty. That is so hard to get. I decided the best way is to simply write this blog describing the manner off the girl. I have tried to talk with the investigating officer who has till now remained silent So I let it go for now. If they see me as a predator they will have a huge problem proving that at all. I am too quiet and not physical at all in the way I approach anyone, and as this little waif was no taller than lets say four feet, she must be making complaints on a daily basis. I have a forty-five year excellent career and in that time I may have done 10 nudes all art with permissions. So you have all these kids screaming for jobs. You actually provide a sincere opportunity and she cannot figure that one out.

This article provides insight for both sides. I am trying to learn how to be old and it’s the hardest thing when your spirit is honest, young at heart, and your love off kids on track for others to absorb and share. I have stopped going to the place where I believe this may have begun In retrospect . I am an educator and tougher for living in NY for 9 years where this is nothing. Tough love is the requirement in this case but we are talking about an 18 year old going on 9  There is no remedy for this unnecessary swing at my reputation. .





 How many times have any of you read five to six articles on he same subject

written over because debates still exist and confusion is helped by a new  way off looking at the same subject and with in ay a six month time frame. If you think that’s confusing the question that comes to mid is , ” WHOSE IN CHARGE AND OFF WHAT.

Looking at our city from any angle , one must be impressed with the dynamic  view of our new architectural urban landscape. Obviously it has made Toronto an envious city to live in for many new cultures as we assimilate well, opening up our arms and welcoming new immigrants to our country. They are coming from almost everywhere in the world. I am sure many of those new people feel at home revisiting the same problems they may have experienced the same problems if they had jut arrived from London, England also shares gridlock. Next our new friends realize that they can not get a job in their chosen field. Years of study down the drain, that is unless they go back to school to study the same subject. What an awful  situation to find yourself in.

 Events provide no shortage of tying up traffic as ell as sketchy infrastructure work on our streets. If we take a moment to look at Now or Grid , when have we ever seen a weekend with so much music on board as off our October 12th weekend? the truth of the music business is that, say Marcus Roberts Jazz pianist need to go out on the road and play Lee’s Palace when the last time I saw him play here was at Massey Hall. So venues might consider letting us know more in advance but truthfully who knows if they can afford to pay out money for anything more than one kick in the can at either of the aforementioned papers. Sadly most music evenings are booked for one night and not two to three nights. Because of the times we face this is also especially true for art that is shown for one night in a given gallery or event as say, Blanche Nuit. My guess is that it cannot benefit any artist. Today, Sunday, we rolled out a big waterfront bike race that snarled traffic, on a Sunday. That’s a great time and half practice for our police department who seem to own a front row seat to everything including G-20 riots. As I am still poking my way around the city I left for ten years to sharpen up a career. Today yet another charity scandal was announced and I am astounded by the charity rifts that often appear in our news papers. The thing is some do and some do not show up on the pages of the elitewho often claim to be charity heroes.

Who in the hell is running this place? Let’s start with Seniors. Are they running anything except thier bank accounts? Can’t be them. What about wealth? Maybe but not quite because they are waiting for everyone else to start doing something.

Ah: Mr. MIrvish takes front stage for a week and listen to the crowds howl that he will get tax breaks on and on. He is however the first person to put his money where his mouth is. He deserves a medal for steering the course of art and Culture with apparently Mr. Kim Pattison. Do not worry more will be popup. And maybe we can then begin to look at one way Streets as in NY. Why not copy NY,Which way will we go ? which seems to be which overall is  our cities major quest, with artists using the name in every  second sentence. NY this and NY that. Music as well as Art events get thee two day trisl if they are lucky.  N ideas with trying one way traffic flow are for a week at most..  Why not try it for a month or two.

Who drives the bus of this city, Mr. Ford? Not really, because as good a job as he does, and should collect a few kudos, no one wants to acknowledge that part. He is working with whats he ‘s got, an out of control counsel. They want to pry into his personal life which may be chaotic, but still none of anyone’s frigging business. And so what if he has become a little media personality.  If he celebrates with chicken popcorn big deal. I actually believe the Mayor to be incredibly shy.

I read a charming article in one off our local newspapers about Ms.Sarah Thompson, who had apparently run for Mayor lost, and then supported Mayor Ford for the position. Now the same Ms. Thompson hurls complaints about him almost each day. Now this incredible transit debate has seemingly no concrete direction and that is all we discuss. Maoyr Ford is called names I would not print. What we have is 30 years with no road changes and sidewalks full of cracks and uneven levels.  I know that Ms. Thompson owns an excellent working knowledge off the subject. Someone should use her to advantage and support a committee to rethink how this city runs.   How are we going to pay for all this? Is one percent going to do it all fine but I doubt it. If you all think Mr. Mcguinty will, I suggest you might realize he seems to be short at the moment.  No money andno plans. ! Lots of things have gone wrong during his watch, Orange , e-health, and yes now a United Way scandal may be on the way. I would not even hazard a guess who is in the soup onthat one. He is not a candidate to pay for the transit. Google supplies many industries who have launched one percent solutions for everything.  Now who is going to pay this one percent to fix every little thing we got goin on in this metropolis.  Will the wealth do it, and will the consumers who take the subway do it. or maybe developers?  Its hard to tell for the moment and its even more difficult to see how and for how much? It will take more than a head camp counselor to save us. We also have a group of city hall who apparently our worried for their jobs. I do not think the Mayor is there to rip off jobs from inside workers. The place functions as well as most places and we are in a tough moment which has been hard for everyone.

I do not have the solution except that we had better begin to have some leadership from the community and there are great people, who if asked would come into committee. It has to happen. One thing we know, Government has too much control over our lives.  Actually I believe we will pay for it because Mayor Ford is going to surprise you with some extra money when its all said and done. The new Ombudsman can help to organize things which will serve the city well.

We need to get the transit right Ms. Stinz, and the fact you are not in the media everyday speaks to you dedication. Forget running for Mayor  and claim a gold watch.   If India can put up monorails to support their population, why have they not been a part off this discussion. Last but not least lets touch on gambling. A plebiscite could deal with that in a week. Its a straight vote and how tired can one get off being pushed around and literally threatened  by a gambling lobby who will make the best Real Estate deal for themselves known to man. A fly on the wall reported: “You guys got one week to decide or we will go to Mississauga.”  If I see a photo off Hazel throwing dice will begin my new hockey career.

Jim Allen

Multi -Media.



For the first time in many years we are seeing how wealth can translate into a future for the Art and Culture benefit off our city. Two galleries were announced over the weekend, the first is the Ryerson Photo Gallery that will house well over 300,000 photos from Black Star, generously donated by an anonymous person. The rumor is that the donor was Jim Pattison from Vancouver. The second offering is most interesting as David Mirvish will join up with Frank Geary to take up one block along King street where his Father had his first restaurant and then we will see the Prince of Wales Theater be raised.

David Mirvish gave me my first job which was to shoot a cover for The Royal Alex and then subsequently a story on Pantomime . The art Director was Inara Guilless. I had a brief association with the magazine and was honored to be in London where I photographed Ingrid Bergman. The play was The Waters of the Moon and I spent time with Ms. Bergman walking through the streets of London as she told me off her illness. Ms Bergman was to preform at the Alex and she dies before getting the opportunity to across the pond to do the play. She was an extraordinary presence whose father was a photographer. She did confide in me that she was not fond off having her photo taken as her father never stopped taking her photo.

I found a suitable place to photograph Ms. Bergman as I was given ticket for the play and as it turned out my photo was from a part in the play which the theater photographer had also snapped her in the same place. I was not experienced and nervous but it went well. I had read that Ms Berman liked bubble gum and had given her a box as a bribe sort off. When my photo arrived in Toronto, it almost was exactly as the PR material. I was asked about it and I was very surprised to see the other photo.

I never forgot the hospitality of Mr. Mirvish who had given me my first job.In my history when I was selling clothing I had sold his Father 1.98 blouses from a company called Irving Nadler. Off course the family is highly regarded.

We will  now we have local artists wondering how will these two special galleries  impact on our city. The answer is simple. It requires leaders ship and money to build edifices that house special art. So be prepared to see many famous artists like for example, Frank Stella. Blackstar/magnum has many famous photographers who I am anxious to see as they were the best of Europe and Frank Capra was a member of that elite group.

The future of Toronto  that depends on venues that are world class venues which bring forward the fact we are a world glass city. We can say look at the rich they are spending money on themselves. Partially true, but investment is what this paradigm is about. There are also some secrets which need to be reveled as in photography other archival venues and they will eventually join the community in a more public forum.

These two additions are a huge step for our city to be on the global map off photography.

Jim Allen



It is the night before my birthday, when I will turn 68 years old. I really had no idea that the last ten years would go the way they have. With lightening speed digital photography made millions of photographers overnight. 911 Nearly made me into a vegetable. I think I lost a chip  from my driven brain. I have not given up, but I have not succeeded in my field. I am now an artist and I enjoy that every day. I enjoy political news and read four papers each night missing John Stuart.

While working in NY I had heard rumors of the name Stephen Harper and I had no idea who he was. Guess what, we still do not know who he really is. He seems to belong to an elite group off people who are if anything secretive and leaning towards socialism. I defer to Jefey Simpson from the Globe and Mail who blocks my letters and calls as he seems to own articles written about the demise of the portrait Gallery in Ottawa. Perhaps Mr. Simpson will let us know the real story one day..

We will never know exactly whats on Mr. Harpers mind and as off late the cracks are beginning to give us a hint. A few items lately have called attention to his secrecy and planning that he does not share it with anyone. Machiavellian, we see that the man has clear ideas as to how this country should function and that includes the military as of late. Although he appears to be outclassing the rest of the world in his determination to protect banks and his desire to be to rise to the top of the economic ladder, he is still a huge mystery.

Canada has always set the table for peaceful solutions. Here is a short list of indicators that tell us what to expect. We had the clash of G-7 to begin with, Now we have closed the embassy in Iran and we have a large order off overpriced jets, and Mr. Harper hates the fact that he has been pressed to review the purchase. His own watchdog is alarmed by his behavior. Two other items point towards Mr. Harpers agenda. Only recently he refused to join his world partners at the UN during the last days speeches by world leaders including Iran President. My guess he will take the podium last. His quest for a great jet was interrupted by retired leader General Louis MacKenzie, who asked for a review of the Avro Arrow, that in it’s time was shut down because it was perhaps ten times more powerful that anything the US could produce. Its was well before its time and was bigger and faster. General Mackenzie was stiffed by Mr. Harper who would have no part in the good suggestion. Then today I picked up on the fact that Mr. Harper has decided to order drones in order to supply our military with might. He took troops to Afghanistan and in the absence of any participation in the middle East by Mr. Obama, who knows what he is thinking.

Jim Allen




A composition off Sunny during an office visit to cafe # 3

I was pumped, as for the first time in one year, I found myself living in a busy hood. I Deciding that living closer to an active neighborhood downtown was a better deal for my persona.  My needs always were to skip around town on faster transit subway lanes. I knew that riding on bus’s  were overcrowded, baby screaming, as well as getting ]pushed around by irate older men and women was wearing me out. Besides I am one of them.  The odd nasty bus driver irked me to no end, but please do not take out your troubled day on me. Any compromise one makes in an urban city will bring with it contact with other human beings which can be dangerous. I am naturally a recluse  and do not even own a television. Getting close to the screen might supply one with UV poisoning. The only worthwhile programming is John Stuart followed by John Colbert each night from cover to cover as well as I enjoy my politico friends on FB. Yes, I enjoy myself. Being semi-retired  requires limited office space. I participate in new media concepts of my own making, some good mostly difficult to do. I like administration because basically I am bossy. Now in history will be recorded as useless wear and tear. I returned to Canada after 9/11 and to be frank I was Post traumatic stress all the way.  I began to look at shared office ideas which seemed to be quite boxes of people sharing the same front end. At the same time I began check out the internet availability and as well surveyed local coffee lineups. It did take me a while as within a four to five block radius there must have been at least six to ten very busy places to look at. During a first visit, I quickly got knocked out while observing a seat. I walked into coffee # 1 and there was limited seating. I saw one quickly while noticing a plug under the table. I sat down as I abruptly stopped in mid air as papers strewn out in seat. I addressed the girl in the next table and this left arm shot up into the sir with her palm reaching out as if it were a stop sign as she simply continued to type. Who cares if the coffee was good with that welcome. This was a display of moron-ism as  I simply, said, “oh , excuse me, while finding another seat. I must admit to being shocked. I never had seen hatred up close. The rest is easy as the place had lineups of chairs and tables which created a work environment and if the odd bozo got out sorts, the management stepped in. The coffee was surprising as it was friendly and very busy. Non stop lineups + pastries were full of dark chocolate that kept me alive most days. The staff was more than helpful and lacked any attitude other than pleasant.  No keys for the bathroom which is not a good feature. Many street people come and go and health standards are suspect. If one is patient and less talkative one can make friends over time.

There are two of the same brand in a four block radius. The second one is Coffee # 2 and has a big reputation for people like myself to work in . It had the most comfortable leather seats and actually they mean nothing as you could slip into one and just fall asleep within minutes. Some tables encourage group discussion as that sucks. Once the decibel level reaches a certain pitch, its time to think about leaving. So many love to display talk over the crowd and are usually, narcissists. You cannot stop them.  Mostly its civilized. Pay no attention and it will be great. # 2 is expensive and small pastries have huge markups for that shop.  There are narcissists who stream in from morning to night. Lines need  to evaporate and then order your coffee or snacks. Beware personality types can hold up a line for twenty to thirty minutes with questions and changes. All the time you need to memorize where plugs are in each place.  You also need to continue to support the establishments food for sale campaigns  often see one with free drinks. All of the above are comfortable to work in. Stay on your own and it will work for you. The reason to leave is noise.

Coffee # 3 . This place removed plugs as the owner refused to understand internet participation that cost him higher Wi-Fi fees. This decision could not have been easy at the start and although it keeps the flow moving there are only two left.. The other great feature of all three places are outdoor patios which make for small breaks and for ample exchanges providing there is no sign of a computer.

# 3 cafe is the highest quality and displays a remarkable amount off rude people who are entitled to be spoiled, including the staff. Busboys work hard clearing up the tables and are friendly and part of the plus spirit of the establishment. Its an in place for actors and comedians to work and they are mostly always on. The first thing noticeable is how well trained staffing is and that means that rules are made to be broken, providing the boss isnot at his office. Outrageous  personalities off staffers are comedic and often stupid. As you are ordering you may encounter a non listener. You can repeat your order five times easily and still will get screwed when the food arrives.  Often staff are only there  to be notice. The appointment of designed furniture is first class and stools align the windows onto the deck. And if you like you can sit with views or recess your tired little body to a dark corner with poor reception. The place is always buzzing. Always busy and the food is not cheap. It has a market presence the same as any big corporate chain of coffee and the menu change with lightning speed with food inventions that are spectacular. They always are full off imported rich dark chocolate. Of course the establishment promote small business groups and AA recovery groups who in fact annoy you if your there to work. All three coffee bars have street people mixed with a small criminal element. If your from a big city you can keep your thoughts to yourself and survive with intuition as a guide. The criminal element is friendly and some are funny. The dress code is upscale in most of the places but #3 wins hands down as a big asian crowd locates in almost every shop. 3 wins hands down and work is better done in # 1 Being knowledgeable is about coffee is very important. After some time one can choose easily and all three are branded and repeated throughout a neighborhood according to density. Every day changes happen and its a great experience for computer people. However if they are under pressure you will undoubted be smacked with rudeness and arrogant behavior. Bon appetite!

Jim Allen