Never take yourself that seriously


           Someone please explain Karma. I find myself writing this sort story in order to show an example some off the things one can experience that can get in the way, while waiting your turn to die.

My career has been my most wonderful gift as it dealt with many aspects of my demons and scars, growing up as a bipolar child. The nature of what I do is healing and cathartic. No need to review the childhood as this article is more about trying to survive other children’s bullying.

My neighborhood has been chasing a rapist and could not have been an easy job for the

police. The number of women accosted sexually was close to 18. The shock was that the perpetrator was fifteen when he was finally apprehended I am a mentor for many younger artists and this story was surprising. I authored a course called “Its Elementary Watson.”  I teach rigid folks to paint and or kids who suffer negative messaging. I am used to getting kicked in the head from younger people who believe they know it all. However this particular kick was more than nasty.

I am now older and never quite understand how kids are brought up to possess hatred and disrespect for many. I am bipolor and have taught myself how to work with the disorder. Each day I need to control my manner and it was not different with this story, just surprising.

I want to first describe my world as a senior retired citizen and artist.Maybe I should say,  the police might want to consider the study of attitudes of poor attitudes and perhaps coffee house cultures that have no respect for anyone. I will try to explain an emotional response from someone to a good deed. A young girl basically got it wrong in a way I had never seen before. All the words that are used most to describe this spoiled personality do not exactly fit. It was okay for her to ascribe me as geeky in a Video done at a police station where in fact she put a complaint. I go out almost each day to take photograph’s, as my career of 45 years was perfect in that I had worked with so many  high-end corporations, top Estate companies, Banks and celebrities and then forward to photo education books and my own fine art photos, paintings and authored a study of plasticity and the brain. The day this happened one off my favorite coffee managers takes me outside and thrashes me because the police have been asking the whole neighborhood question about me that seemed to indicate I follow Asians and  this girl  was White while turning down my invite for a photo and I moved on. It does take time to be over someone you loved and you take care not to confuse issues. And that includes making sure no one  feels you are hitting on them. This particular girl would not know the difference and everything to her is a drama. The story I will relate is actually quite sad. I supposed the designer in this story was talented as she was wearing a coat she had designed. I struck me as something she did that was special. I have good friends that are in the manufacturing business, and after I saw her again wearing a jacket that was really great, I addressed her and eventually gave her a card from someone’s business who would really appreciate special talent like hers. I send them people often. She was so small I wondered how she might design patterns or grade  over a complete size range. So I do what I do, I handed off  the card. The company was about design corporation. They make the most beautiful fully fashioned clothing and hire interns with the kind of talent this girl had shown. In a tight job market the offer was not reason to doubt.

Friday morning  I was going downtown to the Future shop to purchase some  sound additions for my new piano. I came up an escalator to the door that leads to the street. The same girl walked through the same doors and I being gregarious thought nothing off saying hello, which was not returned. This was enough for her to go to the police and file a complaint against me by video.

This was clearly a coincidence. I hang out at two or three coffee shops where I spend money in order to use wi-fi and there are groups that take positions that are rumor only.After her confessional if one can call it that, the police run around asking questions about me and to be fair, doing my reputation some harm over rumor. It was a very bad piece of news and I simply listened in shock. The conversation began to tobreakdown and to be honest I did not get any details of what she had implied. I think that the police and myself listened quietly despite either of us not liking the subject. I believe they were put on a spot. I certainly did not like what I was hearing at all. It was this little girls view off me and she was offended with the card, and my comment about her size. She was shy but not shy enough to take out whatever she was feeling on me.  This is why hatred and parental teaching fails terribly. This girl completely misread an honest approach telling her that I liked her design coat.

The group or generation that will face growing up and tending to the worlds flock have to learn intuition as separated from overly extended narcissism. I came to the conclusion that being a senior can be misconstrued at the same thing, which we call profiling. So it’s a reverse sort of supposition. At best it sucks, if your black or if your white, young or old. Put into the hands of a hysterical narcissist, it reverberates and become very destructive. The sadness for me goes right to the girls special talents. I understand that and wow it’s awful to see how destructive a young person can be to themselves. I assume, not judge,  that she may have suffered a lot off negative messaging. Who better to know than myself, coming from a home where I was insulted ever day..

This story says we are looking at someone person who feels the importance being a designer. It becomes hard to be nice to someone like this girl who in fact is arrogant holier than thou twit,and just the same she has been somewhere  and became bruised. So I faced a phone call from the police and tried to insure that possibly they take a look at the complaint differently.

She is entitled to have her complaint and will never learn a thing why until many years from now. The police were totally fine with my explanation and were very fair as they did listen . I am still struggling with the aftermath off the rumors one of the coffee places I go to. Some people in there are pretty nasty and I have tried to place where it came from. The story was stretched beyond the incident I related and seemed like a set up. Entitlement may be a word to apply but I believe its goes further towards bad parenting that would make a person so self-righteous. The following her to school lie drove me nuts. I went to Future Shop and as that’s two blocks to Ryerson we walked through the same door. No apology for her error nothing.

I visited my My eye Doctor, someone I have known for years told me that young kids hate anyone old than forty. That is so hard to get. I decided the best way is to simply write this blog describing the manner off the girl. I have tried to talk with the investigating officer who has till now remained silent So I let it go for now. If they see me as a predator they will have a huge problem proving that at all. I am too quiet and not physical at all in the way I approach anyone, and as this little waif was no taller than lets say four feet, she must be making complaints on a daily basis. I have a forty-five year excellent career and in that time I may have done 10 nudes all art with permissions. So you have all these kids screaming for jobs. You actually provide a sincere opportunity and she cannot figure that one out.

This article provides insight for both sides. I am trying to learn how to be old and it’s the hardest thing when your spirit is honest, young at heart, and your love off kids on track for others to absorb and share. I have stopped going to the place where I believe this may have begun In retrospect . I am an educator and tougher for living in NY for 9 years where this is nothing. Tough love is the requirement in this case but we are talking about an 18 year old going on 9  There is no remedy for this unnecessary swing at my reputation. .