A short note of thanks goes to two outstanding people who are working to make the TTC a working part off our cities culture. In fact we can look to the future knowing that we will finally have a transit system that will be a shining example how to bring home transit for an international city as we will have completed within the near future. Andy Byford reminds me off earlier teams that I bonded with when working in the corporate system. From where I sit he became the perfect fit for our  TTC as he understand the meaning of service for the commuter. You know the suture off this major project is in the best capable hands.I am sure he is a good man with focus beyond the requirement.

I  traveled during the holiday on both down downtown lines and felt that the service was exclusive. There were a lot off new signs throughout each station pointing towards safety and more than that helpful cards that could be accessed for those who may be considering suicide. I have to say I was impressed as one can feel the coordination going on within the TTC admin.


Karen Stinz can keep the job and not run for Mayor. I think finish what you started will win her kudos for weaving her way through the politics always associated with this major transit example of how to do it right. Ms. Stinz understands how to deftly handle the media by not talking with them unless absolutely necessary and that makes  her a winner or even a transit celeb. Ms. Stinz is a leader and demands respect, and I believe she should stay until the work is completed. .

I need to say that the leader off communications, Carla Basso, could learn some manners by being polite and showing up at prearranged meetings for new project submissions. Not only that, she sends people who are on her team with no business cards telling me they cannot afford them. This off course has something to do with ther boss earning 114,000 a year. to take her place who could not make decisions and or had the signatures to show interest.  Ms Basso must be friends with Sara Thompson an insider who is on hand to raise funding through the 1 percent solution. Ms. Basso could have easily  saved time by saying we are not interested.

I had a great submission for her as others at City Hall and elsewhere had seen and liked. As a 115 thousand dollar marketing madarin, this is how Ms. Basso decided to escape the meeting. I simply ran for the hills, as I do not like dealing with spoiled brats who pass messages in such a way.  I was angry as I represented others who had given the nod that the project,  was considered good looking,  including the Mayors office and more.  MY project was in fact to honor the TTC upon the retirement off Street Cars fact honor the organization, which was the gist of my project.  I do not have time to w and would have also helped Community art groups in the START Program that is an Urban Planning Department gem. Ms Basso acted with poor judgement, as this item was a small bruise on my side and compared to the terrific job that Mr. Byford and Ms. Stinz have done to make commuter’s happy and safe throughout the holidays.

Jim Allen


Multi Media.



Jim Allen December 27,2012 .