It is the night before my birthday, when I will turn 68 years old. I really had no idea that the last ten years would go the way they have. With lightening speed digital photography made millions of photographers overnight. 911 Nearly made me into a vegetable. I think I lost a chipĀ  from my driven brain. I have not given up, but I have not succeeded in my field. I am now an artist and I enjoy that every day. I enjoy political news and read four papers each night missing John Stuart.

While working in NY I had heard rumors of the name Stephen Harper and I had no idea who he was. Guess what, we still do not know who he really is. He seems to belong to an elite group off people who are if anything secretive and leaning towards socialism. I defer to Jefey Simpson from the Globe and Mail who blocks my letters and calls as he seems to own articles written about the demise of the portrait Gallery in Ottawa. Perhaps Mr. Simpson will let us know the real story one day..

We will never know exactly whats on Mr. Harpers mind and as off late the cracks are beginning to give us a hint. A few items lately have called attention to his secrecy and planning that he does not share it with anyone. Machiavellian, we see that the man has clear ideas as to how this country should function and that includes the military as of late. Although he appears to be outclassing the rest of the world in his determination to protect banks and his desire to be to rise to the top of the economic ladder, he is still a huge mystery.

Canada has always set the table for peaceful solutions. Here is a short list of indicators that tell us what to expect. We had the clash of G-7 to begin with, Now we have closed the embassy in Iran and we have a large order off overpriced jets, and Mr. Harper hates the fact that he has been pressed to review the purchase. His own watchdog is alarmed by his behavior. Two other items point towards Mr. Harpers agenda. Only recently he refused to join his world partners at the UN during the last days speeches by world leaders including Iran President. My guess he will take the podium last. His quest for a great jet was interrupted by retired leader General Louis MacKenzie, who asked for a review of the Avro Arrow, that in it’s time was shut down because it was perhaps ten times more powerful that anything the US could produce. Its was well before its time and was bigger and faster. General Mackenzie was stiffed by Mr. Harper who would have no part in the good suggestion. Then today I picked up on the fact that Mr. Harper has decided to order drones in order to supply our military with might. He took troops to Afghanistan and in the absence of any participation in the middle East by Mr. Obama, who knows what he is thinking.

Jim Allen



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