This is an edited version of Trickster:

I prefer a lot off power women in this city than men when it comes to getting a tough job done. Some women declare feminist leanings and that leads me to question why shout it out with entrapment. If you need to talk about it, something goes south in the translation. It’s not that we men, do not do a great job, it’s that we do not play the game. While trying to get on my feet, over the past 8 years, I tried new ideas or project’s and as the nature of the trickster is to not allow one to get up of the ground. The idea is for assistants who will throw themselves at you in order to participate in a project. Then on top off that minions will go to great lengths to create lies in order destroy your reputation. During two

meetings to discuss a young girls participation, I did ask for a photo session, but thought twice about the idea as I realized there was a clear lack off substance. It introduced the simple concept of the politico trickster and her many sheep who follow. I did a follow up third meeting with a board member and my outlook was confirmed and we decided to

not go forward with a job offer. It was an unusual meeting and it  gave me more information about Ms. Thomson who is clearly mischief as presented in one photograph of her holding on to the Mayors shoulder with a grin as if she finally has caught her prey with his eyes closed looking like his had two black eyes. Thomson then claims Google research told her he was on cocaine and that maybe he even had diabetes.  Ms. Thomson was overheard saying to something like that this should fix Mr. Ford. Who in heaven would bother taking the time to do such a thing.

I was not alone in my assessment; as Barbara Amiel in one off her  recent editorials described Ms. Thomsons advances to Conrad Black, her husband,  in return for business support for Ms  Thomsons Womens Daily Magazine.

 At the slightest sign of trouble now, I run like a deer for the exits. One of the Thomson assistants planted a false story about me reading porn in a local eatery. It’s under investigation. There is no way I would do something that stupid and all the coffee shop needed to do was ask to see my computer.

Sara T. leads the band when it comes to the constant battering of Mr. Ford, who is doing a fair job off running the cities financials. Its almost like being a camp counselor. You do not have to like him.  I think if he turns down the Casino, he might show confidence in himself and the work he has done to date, however.I think he will push it. As news of Olivia Chow spilled onto the newsprint. low and behold Ms. Thomson invents the “He pinched my bottom theme, which I am sorry does not cut it ever.

 I am totally for power women who like say Wenda Yenson, Helga Stephonson, Bonnie Brooks, Linda Prince, Heather Reisman and Karen Stinz there are many leaders who never refer to feminist concepts. They are like men and do not have to crow, as they just know.  One suggestion might be to stay home as in this case it’s a side that fits. Ms Thomson has a beautiful family. There are two wonderful great kids, and a fabulously intelligent husband. I am not sure but it may be frustrating enough to make one get out off the house and compete. However does competing mean, showing total disrespect for the Mayor and what in the hell does it have to do with his weight etc. Now not getting anywhere creates a panic: “Oh gosh what can we do about that one.”

Well we will invent a little story that’s timing will open the door for one more chance at the chair. I can even plant a photo of  him while he is sleeping. I just do not think this will fly.  I feel this fails as it’s time for people to entertain the concept off  maturity, leaders and legislator’s who do not have to play dirty tricks to survive. The essence off not understanding, sabotage before she will be exposed as a control freak seems lost on Ms.Thomson. I know myself whenever I have been too aggressive in this city I was taken as a trouble maker. Yes, I speak out on issues and usually the take is strait from my heart. It’s taken me until this blog to come out and say what the hell are you doing to get our attn? The whole thing is just too much to believe. It’s dirty politics at best. I seem to remember a New Years Resolution printed somewhere in her own newspapers, that declared she would not insult the Mayor this year.  Has anyone measured the dreads lately, as when there is a lie does the hair grow like Pinocchio’s nose? Do you not have better things on you’re pallet, as no one believes the wildest

immagination and her machinations.

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