The Worlds Last Straw

April 12,2013

It’s Going On or it isn’t :

As I consider myself a humble servant of the news media before and after 911, here I am sorting out the many items I pay close attn to and to be frank: the whole thing since Mr.Bush stood on the aircraft carrier telling us the United States won the war in Iraq  had set the globe in motion stumbling, falling, crashing, testing, and researching how we will all survive. I know many off my friends who are mostly independent thinkers are still working the process that  has been almost ten years of pushing and tweaking their individual responsibilities. The whole thing has given the speakers platform a lift and everyone has the proper advice to help you over the hurdles. While this is happening The Banking crisis in Cypress scared the hell out off the global philosophers. The simple Question we are all asking is ” How are we ever going to get out of this one?” Usually when faced with problems I simply make a list and start over The last straw is a culmination of events we are now dealing with including something I heard this morning about a digital currency in order to punch the lights out of the banking fraternity off greed .The beauty off this idea is that there would be no rules. Great idea as suckers are everywhere who will consider such a deal. They will even have ATM machines to make the accumulation of the new currency into a commodity that only con men survive.

Without hashing over too much here is a list off what we all have been facing for so long its a wonder we all are still standing. I personally will continue to stand as I want to be there when the end game makes itself clear. As you review the list you may say I have no part off making policies and who cares. Every day as thing change one day you might make the difference that can impact a restless world looking for the answers.

The Planet:  If this was a report card, certainly our prime Minister has shown how feeble his attitude is towards emissions and global warming. Canada has given the impression that it could care less and will not spend money to elevate the respect we have lost during his watch.  How can any  business contribute to when the ordinary citizen is muzzled?

Debt : Did you know that the CSIS purchased 100 BMW motor Cycles, 100 pair of new high cavalry boots, and because agents need to always dress to fit the job, we have 100 new full length Leather coats (blk. ) These are purchases that our prime minister considered in order that Canada’s visibility will to be more sharp and snappy looking as a military machine should look. Hence we will also have new jets and they will be the ones he wants.

The United States has created an economic stir recently as it is reported the they are on the path to economic recovery. However the debt is 17 Trillion dollars at this writing

Political views:  Do I need to be political ? No, not  always, but we all need to know whats happening as it all effects us personally. We need to be more positive and risk oriented. Slow and slower has been our biggest problem. Investment would increase in Canada if we took a more positive outlook for new projects.

Risk and invention: Traditionally Canada is known to be risk adverse. This is the basic reason for decisions to be slowed at the level off corporate industry. Now with the middle class almost erased, decisions are even more difficult to arrive at. Where does a student go after graduation? Two areas of excellence are the tech sector but even more interesting is our science and medical research areas primarily centered in Toronto.

Casinos: The casino debate will go on for longer simply because Toronto will hack over every inch and the investors will run away before the first nail is driven into the ground . Dealing with the Mayors office and council is a nightmare for those who have the best skills to take a chance. Also I would add that if there is not a better political format there will never be a winner selected for the Mayors office. No one would want the job.

Airports: Porter is the risk taker and the battle to take the Billy Bishop Airport for themselves will go on or we might consider that the fix is in. Those opposed Adam Vaughn Councillor, and former Mayor Mr. Miller.

Women: Women will be at the forefront off a recovery in both the United States and Canada.No need to shout out girls the word feminist is not the issue. Women just seem to do things better and men enjoy a battle that often sabotages progress. A women will fire the first shot across the bow.

Roads and infrastructure: After eight to ten years Toronto still does not have a leg up on infrastructure. This summer will see the renovation off our cities potholes and sidewalk bumps that can kill an ordinary raccoons whole family in one step.

Global Economies: This is perhaps the biggest problem as every day we are exposed to bank failures and missteps. We have been fortunate to escape the turmoil off say a country like Greece.. The architects off this global concept may have overlooked simple trade arrangements and a reliance on business principles that were in place well before this latest recession. Global make it possible for major super rich companies to take on the world. It is possible that we may see a return to a simple business model that extends the possibilities of practical monetary considerations. I like to rethink as nothing seems to be holding as we have  become the Cell phone Society and often the phone does not ring in many sectors that have been blindsided our natural ideas off business risk.

Religion: In PR we all know that it only takes a second to invent oneself with a symbol that people will easily attach themselves to. In this moment we are amazed to watch a Jesuit priest from Argentina, Father Francis, win over the Catholic church. We are all watching with hope and prayers that he will succeed. Everyone needs to take a deep breadth and resolve the issues we all wish would be resolved. The haters in the world have gone too far and the danger off war is quite real.

Education: The cost of education is prohibitive for all kinds of reasons. Its evident that over the past ten years that in the west we might be better off to adopt Chinese model of one child. The direction off education is in need off practical revue in order to fill the order off a job future for anyone over the age off twenty.

Fuels: Oil the fuel off choice is not the one we may be able to use in order to sustain our economies. There are so many alternatives being researched as lithium batteries, carbon, and many other ideas that will be along. In the meantime everyone seems to be wanting to go to the United States to support the size of market they have. I am doubtful that a place with three trillion dollars worth off debt is such a great concept. Think about it. Developing a number off potential markets may be the easiest way to get paid.

Guns and violence: Its hard to predict what the future will bring as the debate can be stalled and  for years before a positive outcome will at least list those who own weapons. Registration may be the ultimate concept that untangles the mess off student and gang violence that we have experienced  in our own city off Toronto. Recessions = poverty +  violence

Suicide: As we note every day you can hear the call for 506 , 506 call headquarters and that is another suicide on our train system. These times are very difficult and in general there are more mental deficits to deal with. The other day I listened to a CBC interview with a women, who had received the bad news about a protracted disease which gave her ten years to live. That’s a long time. However she decided to move on the idea off assisted suicide. She informed her family of her decision to leave for Switzerland and to enjoy a week or so with her offspring and relatives. Then she will go to a clinic where she hoped she will be able to hold the cup with two drinks that will end her life. Reference: Anna Marie Tramonti, CBC, Podcast interview with Mrs. S Griffiths and her daughter. Even though the subject was gloomy; for some reason the women presented a positive attitude and was not at all frightened off the certain outcome of her difficult decision..

Science: I understand how hard our Universities are working to make an effective cure for many disorders and medical problems. The rush to get head off the retiring senior population is the biggest race on our planet. At some point I fear that this generation will run out off gas and simply give up on us.At this writing I am xx years old and nowhere to be found This is the danger seniors will face over say a five to ten year future. In fact it may not be a future.

The Corporate Ladder: I could never see myself working in the corporate world where everyone is intensely afraid to make a decision or they might, God forbid loose their job.

Bullying: A young girl,15, goes to a private home where four young boys rape her using alcohol in the seduction. During the rape she was photographed by one off the boys whii decide to send the photographs out on the net and the photo goes viral. The girl goes to school and is called slut and other profanities. The police do nothing, not even to call the Mother off the young girl. Sadly she commits suicide over the bullying as it became unbearable.. The police now have reopened the case promising to arrest one of the boys who took the photo. Understand we are all human and this story illustrates the abuse that is running rampant. Not one life is worth loosing over teenage antics. If you are a human being place yourself in this girls place and you will easily understand the pain she was in.

Lead By Example: Gordan Nixon was not afraid to apologize for his banks, RBC, major blunder in hiring off shore help for one off his more special projects.

Animal Causes: Beating up dogs to produce meat for your table will become a huge discussion. It happens each day and these dogs our best friends to man.

Is there so much anger in the world that we need to throw a husky up against a cinder block wall. What a thrill this must be and I can see humans punishing the men that do this. Imagine throwing this mans son into the same wall. The idea is anger and we need to face the issue with the intention of diffusion and help.

Government : The question we ask is More or Less, do we need it ? one example is the 10 page questionnaire attached to comments made to the government, about the Keystone. Here is an attempt to discourage any questions and therefore protects the Harper secrecy agenda.One example of government attempts to muzzle public opinion.

XLPipe line:  I cannot speak with impunity about this subject. If however I could trust Mr. Harper I might provide some insight. I would also say if it happens that we all will have to deal with insufferable attitudes of those who are proposing this dirty oil.

Democracy:  Today we see this as Interfering with progress. The Party Line, is it crucial to moving forward? For those that dare speak out off turn in the parliament of Canada have now confronted the issue of being muzzled.

War:  If we leave all off the above and we do not act to fix our world, nature, and especially water, we will engage in acts off war and experience famine as never before. I am not educated to be able to recount the exact history but I understand things intuitively as if I had been born in another lifetime that experienced these same issues.

Jim Allen





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