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My best conversations have always been with my good friend Tomio Nitto. Tomio is a Japanese illustrator and artist. He lives in down Toronto and is surrounded and has been surrounded by new office towers and condominiums over a period of five years. Sunshine is hard to come by for living spaces.. We never talk to one another that much because Toronto has become very much as NY. With the blight of condos one has to wonder what we often wish for happens. Along the way to an age  status, we often wanted to express or evaluate the goings on and put our lifestyles  is not easy to define with insulting someone. 

 I will describe TomIo simply saying that his many friends look up to him. He is someone is respected in our community and is often Illustrating, often producing books for many of his like-minded clients. The subjects are varied and always about his unique way off seeing nature or design.  Spirituality and education values  are  guidelines that impress others.

Fawning over an artist just something he may disagree with. Bye now you might guess a simple lifestyle and dedication to art suits the way he likes to live. I presume that life is a gentle meditation as I watch Tomio in awe.


 Like all off us, Tomio has opinions and usually he keeps those to himself.  He describes his exposure to the current generation as something, that makes him want to retreat to the state off a caccoon. . He is a wise man who others can learn from by his example.. May 4th he will open a show that is coming to Index- G gallery, as he has completed 52 new drawings of an assortment of cameras .  

 The generation coming can never see the values of wisdom and choose to see him as an age. The truth suggests they would not really be able to keep up with him.  His output is remarkable as he maintains a hopeful and positive demeanor. Tomio bicycles to and from the  Ashbridges Bay spit in Toronto and sits by the waters edge to share the nature around him listening to birds and watching the nature around him unfold. He is a proud artist whose important example of helps others. Tomio does not use a computer as opposed to a generation born on the net and sees the bad influence of those who play games that sew concepts of violence. Nitto points out that the way the world makes him want to caccoon.   Government’s, do not keep up with promises and our often arrogant in their presentations.  Tomio says ” Its better to withdraw and cocoon to save energy and contemplate, as he is his own person and happy to be doing it. “He is a gentle giant.

Jim Allen Publisher

Author/ Designer/ Photographer

April 23, 2013





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